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Joystiq app for iPhone, iPod Touch now available!

We know you've been asking for a long time and we've been listening! Our very first iPhone / iPod Touch app is finally available to download in the iPhone App Store. Click on the image above, or go straight to the App Store with this link.

The Joystiq app brings everything you love from the site to your iPhone: the latest video game news and commentary, game videos and screenshots, reviews and previews – all presented with as much excitement, enthusiasm, insight and fun as the laws of physics allow. Notable features include: offline viewing (goodbye, boring subway ride), built-in video streaming (both in posts and a list of videos), in-app tipping (did you see someone playing Kinect sitting down?), photo galleries, and more.

If you love the idea of a Joystiq app, but are rocking another device (Android perhaps?), let us know in the comments. Most importantly, if you like the app, please leave us a review on iTunes right away. That helps other people find the app and, ultimately, helps us support this platform and hopefully others in the future.

Of course, we need to thank the team at AOL that put this app together: Andy Averbuch, Vikas B R, David Balogh, Richard Foster, Asha Indira, Stephen Kim, Rajesh Kumar, Anibal Rosado, Sun Sachs, and Eric Wedge.

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