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Breakfast Topic: What is your leveling style?


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Are you a loner or a social butterfly? A turtle or a race car on a demonic speedway? There are as many ways to level as there are races and classes to play. With the release of Cataclysm drawing near, I am beginning to feel that old excitement of leveling up my toons to new heights. You know that feeling, right? The excitement you feel when delving into quests never done before. The rush of seeing your XP bar move up and up. The elation of dinging a new level. I love leveling up through new content. I think we all do -- otherwise, why are we playing this game, right?

But here is the real question: How do you like leveling up? Are you a solo leveler? Do you prefer to take your time and read each quest and then carefully plot your course of action? Or, like me, do you pick up all the quests you see and then later figure out what the heck you are supposed to do? Do you like leveling with a buddy, or in a group?

My own personal style is a mirror of my personality: a bit crazy, more than a little compulsive and headstrong to the finish. I go to a new area and pick up every single quest I can find. Then I read them all and figure out where to go for each one (this last bit having been made much easier with Blizzard's implementation of "Questing for Dummies" and the placement of little markers on your map where each quest can be completed).

Now here is the good part: I organize my desk area, make sure I have a fresh drink (and maybe a light snack to hold me through my leveling marathon), and I set off for parts unknown. I do every single quest I have in my log for that area. I take pride in doing them in the most efficient manner, making a big loop and not having to backtrack for any missed items. I will group with random kind strangers if need be, but by and large, I like questing by myself and I tolerate no idle chitchat. After a couple hours of this madness, I make my way back to the camp or city I started in and reap my rewards by turning in upwards of 20 quests at a time. Ahh, the pure joy of it. Can't you just feel the thrill?

So what is your special brand of madness?

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