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Sunday Morning Funnies: It's ooey and it's gooey!

Amanda Miller

It's Sunday! Again. Where do the summer days go?

Here is a list of the comics that I am still waiting to hear from regarding the gallery guide project outlined last week: I included their latest updates so that I don't have to list them twice!

For those of you who don't contact me this week, I will make up your entry on my own using images and information found on your websites. If you were away or sick or something, we can talk about editing it later -- if, for example, you really wanted to create a unique image for it (and most people are).

Complex Actions will be undergoing some changes. You should read Emily Silkspinner's (the artist's) note, as well as Michael/Talthos/the writer's two blog entries on the matter: the earliest, and rather sad, announcement, and the more hopeful and more recent, entry. Because of these changes, the comic will not be updating until Aug. 2, but then it will be back in force. On a positive note, their merchandise has all been listed at clearance prices in order to move inventory!

Because of this, I will scrap the revised plan of including Complex Actions in another super-secret gallery project and re-instate the original plan of including the comic in the gallery guide; however, the entry may not appear right away, because I would like to give Emily some time to re-adjust if she needs it before I beg her for artwork.

I do have to add that I'm very excited that Complex Actions is not ending, and even though I feel sad that Talthos will not regularly be a part of the project anymore, I know that Emily will do an awesome job ... and you never know what the future might hold. Good luck, you two!

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