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DCUO preorders available for North America, more to come

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

DC Universe Online fans, are you ready to preorder? You'll have to think carefully about what retail outlet you use, because preorders are available for those in the US and Canada, and there are special bonus items depending on where you place that order.

Quite a few bonuses are up for grabs: an exclusive 2v2 arena battle in which you will play as Batman (Yes, you will actually be Batman), the first issue of the DCUO comic Legends, a Batman figurine, and a variety of in-game weapons. The collector's edition includes even more extra goodies.

If you're not in NA, sit tight because there are preorder options for Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, all labeled "coming soon." Check out the official preorder page on the DCUO site for all the details.

Updated: DCUO didn't stop with the preorder goodies! Open beta signups are now available, and we got a first look at The Joker. VIsit the site to sign up for beta, and check out the gallery below for a first look at DCUO's newest familiar face!

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