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Lara Croft still likes all kinds of guns


Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light was one of our favorite games at this year's E3 -- while it's a new taste for the franchise, it certainly seemed like one gamers will enjoy. But even if all of the puzzle-solving and co-op has you worried that Lara's gone too cerebral, let this trailer reassure you: The girl still knows how to shoot things until they stop moving.

She and partner Totec do so with all kinds of heavy weaponry, including flamethrowers, rocket launchers and whatever else they find laying around that ancient temple they're exploring. The video also shows off some of the game's relic and artifact system, which will not only let you customize weapons with various stats and abilities, but encourage replaying of the game, as some of the relics will require a few runs through the title to obtain. Watch the full trailer after the break.

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