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Palm Pre hits 1.2GHz courtesy of SR71 Blackbird kernel, not for the faint-hearted


Whoa! After breaking the 1GHz barrier just three weeks ago, dauntless modder unixpsycho is back with yet another insane hack for the aging Palm Pre. What's new? Why, this "SR71 Blackbird" custom kernel, which simply pushes the poor little OMAP3430 processor up to 1.2GHz -- that's twice the original clock speed, just so you know. As glamorous as it sounds, potential users are triple-warned about this mod potentially failing the webOS device in one way or another, despite the built-in speed-scaling mechanism to cap the device at 55 degrees Celsius (131 in Fahrenheit). And needless to say, don't expect your stock battery to hold up for more than a few blinks once implemented. Good luck, pilgrims.

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