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Plants vs. Zombies takes root on XBLA in 'early September'


Finally, a chance to link the Plants vs. Zombies theme song again! Oh, and we've got some news too, but first -- let's just load up the theme song again real quick.

Okay! Now that we've got that pumping in the next tab, we can get down to the news: PopCap is bringing its tower defense game, Plants vs. Zombies, to Xbox Live Arcade in "early September" for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15). (The earliest it could launch in September would be Wednesday, September 1.)

Aside from improved graphics (full 1080p!), the Xbox 360 port will also boast 21 different minigames, two new modes (Co-op and Vs.) and a "house" feature where players can create a custom space that tracks progress and has leaderboards for sizing up which of your friends has the greenest thumb of all.

If you like your games planted on disc, PopCap also plans to launch Plants vs. Zombies, along with Zuma and Peggle (both already featured in PopCap disc compilations), as an Xbox 360 retail compilation, and the company will re-release Plants vs Zombies for PC and Mac in a "Game of the Year" package, with a limited number shipping with a zombie figurine. Both disc-based releases are expected to shamble to retail shelves "this fall" for $20.

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