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Retail Droid X getting latest firmware update, call log privacy bug emerges

Chris Ziegler

That over-the-air firmware update that rolled out to early Droid X units in the field prior to the launch seems to be trickling out to retail units now, and along with that news comes a surprisingly long changelog. Along with a bunch of squashed bugs, the latest build has a few visual tweaks and improvements to Bluetooth, Exchange ActiveSync, and Visual Voicemail connectivity, so it seems like this is an OTA notification you'll want to promptly tap "OK" to. On a slightly less-positive note, BGR points out a troublesome privacy issue with the phone: when you delete your call log or a text message thread, the deleted items still show up in the history log attached to your individual contacts. That sucks, yeah -- but seeing how the phone has been out for mere days and we've already seen two updates get pushed out since the first review units hit the streets, we're hopeful that'll get patched up on the double.

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