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WoW Moviewatch: No Love for this PUG


This isn't the first WoW themed cover of Tik Tok we've seen around the interwebs, and it might not even be the last. The first one we covered was by WarLock, whose lyrics were written by Cryssy. This version, however, is No Love for this PUG by Jennisfar. Whether you think it's better or worse than WarLock is totally your call.

I actually really enjoyed the game footage and machinima clips created by JoshuaIRL. The WoW model was clearly intended to look like Kesha, and it's a technique that served this video well. While most parodies completely abandon the original singer, No Love for this PUG kept winking back to Kesha. It worked for me, I think, because it's equal parts "laughing with" and "laughing at."

It's hard to evaluate Jennisfar's vocal performance, though, because of the audio filters used. To be fair, it's not like Kesha's recording was audience-pure either. But I just can't make out how much of the song is her raw voice and how much is filter.

Ultimately, I hope JoshuaIRL and Jennisfar keep working on new stuff, because I think they have some talent. It'd be nice to see their material grow while we're all looking forward to new opportunities in Cataclysm.

Edit: Turns out, this is a cover of Your love is my drug. I admit, I can't tell them apart. Mea culpa.

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