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GamesCampus aims for cute and hardcore with new title Legend of Edda

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

If you visit the official site for Legends of Edda, the newest MMO from GamesCampus, you'll find it populated with adorable, big-eyed characters. Don't be fooled, say the developers -- the game is both cute and hardcore.

Legends of Edda is based on Greek mythology and offers players the opportunity to play as a god of Olympus or as a Titan. These warring factions make PvP the cornerstone of the game, and there are personal battles, larger-scale PvP, RvR, and PK in which opposing factions can attack one another at any time.

There is also a "deep class system" that gives a choice of six classes to begin with, and a series of subclasses as players advance. Legends of Edda is free-to-play and accepting signups for closed beta now, so check out the site to learn more.

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