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Need for Speed World pulls up to the starting line on July 27


Anxious to envelop yourself in your Maserati's splendor and hit some hairpin turns at 100mph? Well, you can do that later. Now we want to tell you about this video game.

EA has announced that its MMO experiment, Need for Speed World, will be available for download on July 27 -- a week later than initially expected. Those who pre-ordered the Need for Speed World Starter Pack -- a $20 primer that gives players $20 in SpeedBoost (in-game currency), full access up to level 50 and some power-ups including Nitrous and Traffic Magnet -- get a week's head start and can play Need for Speed World starting today. Those who pre-ordered get further incentive in exclusive cars, double experience points, driver name reservation and permanent VIP status.

Racers looking for a free taste of the game will be able to download a special trial version (that unlocks all game modes and provides free play up to level ten) here as of July 27.

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