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Power Gig: the story behind the music


This fall's two big music-performance games each offer an experience new to the genre. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock adds a more involved storyline, while Rock Band 3 offers real instruments. Power Gig: Rise of the SixString actually combines these two aspects. We've seen its (real, functional) guitar and (less realistic) drum controllers, and now we can learn about that story.

In the video after the break, design director Jack Davis introduces the world of Ohm, where music has a "real physical power" to affect the world and its people. The player must unite clans of "rockers" to defeat the oppressive "headliner" who has silenced them. And, of course, that is accomplished through the performance of licensed music. It's reminiscent of Brutal Legend, as is the in-game footage shown in the video.

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