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Rockstar squeezes its art into expensive book trilogy

To celebrate its swiftly-approaching tenth anniversary, Rockstar Games will compile all of the visual elements that have gone into designing its catalog of games into a three-book set sometime next month. The pages therein will contain everything from conceptual illustrations, models and wireframes to advertisements and box art. This beefy, aesthetically pleasing package comes with an asking price of $450.

As attractive as these tomes would look propped against one another on our coffee table, we find it difficult to reconcile the fact that we could spend the same amount of money on a PS3 or 360 and copies of Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City. Heck, we'd even have enough cash left over for one of those novelty-sized party subs, which would increase our enjoyment of the aforementioned items tenfold.

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