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The Queue: A debut


Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Michael Gray will be your host today.

Great news, everyone! As you all know, your intrepid staff is constantly striving to improve the level of service we bring you. We are devoted to bringing you the very last in cutting edge video content. As such, we are delighted to present the above video as our early-stage beta. Exciting, isn't it? Be sure to leave your feedback on our beta progress.

I understand Imma Sock may be the worst Imma Be cover ever performed, but it was fun.

Shizzle asked:

"Has there been a definitive list compiled detailing which pre-Cataclysm achievements will be achieveable once the expansion hits and which ones will move into the realm of Feats of Strength?"

No, not at all. It's probable that not even Blizzard truly knows that for certain yet. This kind of thing is a pretty big deal, since content changes will happen even after the expansion releases. It's just way too early to even guess.

Penguinairsauce asked:

"What's the news on Cairne Bloodhoof. I heard that Garrosh was supposed to kill him, but that was ages ago and I'm not sure about this in the Cataclysm beta. I just wonder if he is still alive."

He is not alive.

That being said, the scandal of "Who is responsible for Cairne's death?" is going to rage on in the lore nerd community forever. I'm in the "they all killed him" camp, since it's such a complex issue. Garrosh didn't swing the killing blow, but he sure did help polish the blade.

Jenzrr asked:

"I run an addon that collects the data concerning the nodes that I come across in my various gathering professions (but also chests and the sort). With the revamp of the old world, do you think I will have to re-research all my data"

Oh yes. Oh, my, yes. Absolutely. The old data will not be in any way relevant. The nodes have moved completely as a result of it being completely redesigned. And, also, the world splitting in half has had an impact.

Skurfer48 asked:

"Also, with the changes to loot in 10 and 25 man raids in Cataclysm, will a 10 and 25 version of the same boss have the exact same loot table? Or will they have different loot that is just of the same item level?"

The way it was explained is that they'll have the exact same loot table. 25 man versions will drop more pieces. But every item will drop from both versions in about the same proportion.

Blacksword asked:

"Are the worgen quests in Grizzly Hills going to change at all when the worgen race becomes playable?"

Those are different werewolf people. They wear those kicky little leather masks and S&M claws. Gilnean worgen wear top hats and corsets. Relatively totally unrelated werewolf people.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column! Leave your questions in the comments and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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