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VoxOx expands its virtual phone number offerings, lets Canadians play along


Virtual phone numbers aren't exactly hard to come by these days, but TelCentris' VoxOx looks to be doing a decent job of distinguishing itself with its newly announced offerings -- and, for a change, it's letting Canadians in on the act. The new options expand on the basic free virtual number included with VoxOx's current service and, in addition to Canadian phone numbers, include numbers that are SMS and fax-capable for both inbound and outbound calls, and an optional "vanity" search for those willing to try their luck at snagging the phone number they've always wanted. Unlike Google Voice, you can also link as many virtual phone numbers to your account as you like, and you'll get free iNum integration so you can be accessible from overseas at local rates. Of course, the numbers themselves aren't free, but they are pretty reasonable -- just $1.95 a month or $19.95 a year. Head on past the break for the complete press release, and quick demo video of the service from Telcentris CTO Kevin Hertz.

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VoxOx Expands Phone Number Options with Custom, Local, and Global Phone Numbers

VoxOx's new virtual numbers are one third the cost of Skype's similar service

SAN DIEGO – July 20, 2010 – VoxOx® by TelCentris®, the first and only free consumer service that unifies today's key communication channels - voice, video, IM, text, social media, e-mail, fax and file sharing - into a single user interface, today announced the immediate availability of virtual phone numbers. This new offering enables consumers to create multiple customized telephone numbers that route to their VoxOx account, and can also be routed to other phones (work, home, mobile, etc.). Consumers can select their virtual phone numbers from more than 100 area codes in the U.S. and Canada. They also have the ability to do a "vanity" search for memorable digits and word spellings.

"Those who own a small business, have family living in another state, or just would like to have a fun, memorable phone number, can benefit from these new options," said Erik Bratt, VP of marketing at TelCentris. "For example, a small business owner can now add phone numbers in multiple local areas that the business serves. Or, a U.S. resident with family in another state (or Canada) can now add phone numbers in those locations in order to enable family members to dial locally."

VoxOx virtual numbers are being offered in addition to the free phone numbers that every VoxOx user receives upon sign-up. Each virtual number costs $1.95 per month or $19.95 per year – one third of the cost of Skype's online numbers. Differentiators of VoxOx virtual numbers include support for inbound SMS and fax, as well as call forwarding capabilities through VoxOx.

VoxOx also announced today the addition of free global numbers through a partnership with the iNum initiative. These free global numbers make it easy for friends, family and colleagues overseas to dial VoxOx users from landlines and mobile phones at local rates. The concept is similar to a calling card – an overseas friend dials a local phone number and then enters a special access number to complete the phone call. However, in this case, the caller would enter the VoxOx user's free iNum number, which routes the call directly to VoxOx and any other phones the user has chosen. As a result, the VoxOx user pays nothing to receive the international call and the overseas friend pays only a local rate to make the call.

With these new phone number options, VoxOx provides some of the best flexibility in the industry for choosing a number that meets a user's objectives. Currently, consumers who sign up for VoxOx in all supported countries receive:

· A free randomly selected U.S. phone number and initial calling credit
· An option to add multiple virtual phone numbers customizable by area code and "vanity" digits
· A free global "iNum" number to enable overseas friends to call VoxOx users at local rates
· The option to forward a consumer's existing cell phone number to VoxOx without having to give out a new phone number

"We think our users will be excited by the number of options we provide for getting a free or low-cost phone number," said Bryan Hertz, CEO of TelCentris. "This is another point of differentiation from our competitors, none of which offer the flexibility that we provide."

About VoxOx

VoxOx® is the first ever "Universal Communicator" service that manages all forms of cross-media communication for consumers. It is the only service that unifies today's key communication channels - voice, video, Instant Messaging (IM), text, social media, e-mail, and content sharing - into a single, intuitive interface that gives consumers control of their contacts, conversations and most importantly, their interconnected lifestyles, both now and in the future. It combines the benefits of Internet-telephony solutions, interoperable IMs, Web services and social networking aggregators, and much more at no cost to the user. For more information, please visit VoxOx is a consumer service created by TelCentris® Inc., a new type of telephony company founded by seasoned technology veterans in San Diego, Calif.

About TelCentris

TelCentris is an innovator in cloud-based unified communications and VoIP solutions for business, consumer and wholesale markets. The foundation of the company's offerings is its award-winning unified communications platform in the cloud that enables the company and its customers to build powerful, scalable applications and services. TelCentris provides complete VoIP business phone solutions that are more cost effective, efficient and easier to manage than traditional phone systems. Through a wholesale division, TelCentris also offers turnkey VoIP solutions and carrier services. For consumers, TelCentris delivers VoxOx, a free, next-generation service that integrates voice, text, chat, social networking and more. Founded in 2006, TelCentris is headquartered in San Diego with offices in Costa Rica. For more information, please visit

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