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X-Play's EVO tournament special airs tonight


In case you missed the live, streaming video of the EVO tournament, the special EVO edition of X-Play will be on G4 tonight. Even if you saw every fight, this sounds worthwhile -- it's more than just fighting game footage!

Capcom's Seth Killian says the show will include "hot fights ... interviews with Capcom producers, EVO champs (and the bitterly defeated!), some history on the event, and what's sure to be tons of amazing footage of Street Fighters getting hype."

Killian lists the time for the first run of the "X-Play vs. Capcom: EVO 2010 World Fighting Finals" show as 6:30 PM Eastern, and again at 8 PM, with plenty of additional airings in the following days. Put a quarter on your TV to let your roommates know it's your turn to watch it!

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