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Driver comic series debuting at Comic-Con


With all of the comic book news lately, you'd think Comic-Con was right around the ... oh. Well, Ubisoft has another comic book based on one of its properties ready to roll out at this week's event, this one based on the upcoming Driver: San Francisco. Unlike its Assassin's Creed book, which will just be shown and discussed at a panel, issue 0 of Driver will be given away at the booths of Ubisoft and DC Comics (under whose WildStorm imprint it's being published).

The series -- no word yet about its planned duration -- is being written by Stray Bullets scribe David Lapham and Illustrated by Greg Scott (Gotham Central). Its covers artist is Mark "Jock" Simpson, who's probably best known as co-creator of The Losers, a comic which was adapted into a motion picture released back in April. Jock will be signing copies of issue 0 tomorrow through Saturday. We've got the whens and wheres for you -- along with super-sized cover images, in case you can't make it -- just after the break.

Driver issue 0 signing times and locations:

  • Thursday, July 22nd, 2–3pm, DC Comics booth (#1915)
  • Friday, July 23rd, 11am–12 noon, Ubisoft booth (#4245)
  • Friday, July 23rd, 4–5pm, DC Comics booth (#1915)
  • Saturday, July 24th, 3–4pm, DC Comics booth (#1915)

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