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Image credit: shape-shifter models the huge pectoral muscles men want, smaller ones they have (video)

Tim Stevens

While online shopping has taken over most facets of modern retail, buying clothes via the interwebs is something more of a hard sell. The shape-shifting mannequin is here to make that a little easier -- for men, anyway. Earlier this year the company created a robotic torso comprised of flexible panels that can shift between thousands of different shapes and sizes from small to extra large. A clothing company puts a new shirt on the bot and a camera captures it cycling through a variety of body types like a T-1000 sinking into a pit of molten steel. When you enter your measurements online, the e-tailer looks up the appropriate pics and, hey presto, you can see how you'll really look in that Warwick Tailored semi-cutaway. There's a quick demo video after the break and, if you're looking for a new shirt, you can virtually try on a variety of Hawes & Curtis offerings recently added at the source link. Sorry ladies: latest word is that a mammary-equipped model isn't due for at least another few months.

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