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iLife '10 book cover pulled from Amazon France, iWork '10 book shows up on Amazon Germany


We reported yesterday on an iLife '10 for Dummies book that appeared on Amazon France. The book was set for release on September 23rd, suggesting an updated iLife software release on or around that date. Twenty-four hours later the book's title and cover has been removed from Amazon France, yet "iLife '10" still remains in the book's description.

Today, reader Flo from Germany notified us that she discovered an iWork '10 book on Amazon Germany. The iWork book is titled iWork 10: From Zero to Hero and is set for release on October 10. We've also found the same book on Amazon France. Apple has traditionally released updated versions of iLife and iWork at or around the same time. Given that this is the second book (from a separate publisher) that seems to corroborate that updated iLife and iWork suites are in the works, it's looking increasingly likely that we can expect them by the fall. It's been seventeen months since both iLife '09 and iWork '09 were released in January 2009.

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