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Spin your plates, it's time for TUAW TV Live


In keeping with my earlier theme about today's TUAW TV Live being like an old TV variety show, I submit this awesome shot of people spinning plates on sticks. Yes, that was the sum total of TV entertainment when I was growing up. Today on TUAW TV Live, I won't be spinning plates on sticks except in the metaphorical sense, as we've got a lot of fascinating Apple news to cover this week.

To join in from your Mac or PC, just go to the next page by clicking the link at the bottom of this post, and you'll find a live stream viewer and a chat tool. The chat tool allows you to join in on the fun by asking questions or making comments.

If you're driving somewhere and would like to watch TUAW TV Live while you're stuck in traffic, please don't -- keep your eyes on the road! However, if someone else is doing the driving, you can watch the show on your iPhone by downloading the free Ustream Viewing Application.

We haven't forgotten about iPad users, as you can tune in to TUAW TV Live on your iPad! That link will send you to a non-Flash page, although you won't have access to our chat tool.

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