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Breakfast Topic: When a character just doesn't click


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Personally, I'm sick of playing my warlock. She's geared to the teeth and, though I'm not the best warlock in the world by any means, she's been known to put up some very competitive numbers. However, it's been a long and frustrating road with her. After switching from my DK to my 'lock at the end of Ulduar for guild needs, it's been a constant struggle for me trying to figure out why she wasn't quite reaching the damage potential I was expecting. I tried respeccing, regemming, changing tactics and techniques, researching and talking to other warlocks, but I never quite hit that mark I was looking for. Even when I thought things we're finally starting to come together and I was starting to give the arcane mages a run for their money, a new warlock joined the guild who regularly humiliates me on the meters. For some reason, I just never found my stride on that character.

Now the guild's need for ranged DPS is long past and I'm looking for any excuse I can find to get away from something that has felt like nine months of trying to jam a square peg into a round hole. Just try convincing your raid leader to let you bring your undergeared melee DPSer or healer to 25-man Lich King instead of your 6K GS warlock, though. I'm currently grinding through Outland like crazy in a hope to fill that holy-paladin-shaped hole we currently have in 10-mans before we recruit one. It's a long 19 levels, though, and I probably have two weeks at best to hit level cap and get geared out through heroics. With a full-time job and two kids, that's a fairly tight deadline.

Have you ever been in this position, stuck playing a character/class that you don't enjoy or aren't good at? Was it frustration that pushed you to another role, or boredom and a desire for something new and interesting? How did you get out of it ... or did you?

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