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Forgive the TARDIS-ness: Doctor Who games arrive today in the US


PC gamers in the US who felt like they were getting sonic-screwdrivered-over by not being able to play the BBC's free Doctor Who: The Adventure Games have some good news today. Direct2Drive has made the first two episodes, City of the Daleks and Blood of the Cybermen, available exclusively via its download service, for a price. The two Sumo Digital-developed installments can be had as a bundle for $4.95.

What you won't find at Direct2Drive: the Mac versions of the Adventures. Though out in the UK, they seem to have just missed the TARDIS before it vanished. We're getting in touch with the D2D folks to find out if us Yanks who think different will ever see Who here -- and if there are plans to bring over the two yet-to-be-released episodes, as well.

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