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Panasonic gearing up to reveal consumer-level 3D camcorder?

Darren Murph

You won't be coloring us shocked if this plays out exactly as rumored, but word on the street has it that Panasonic will be busting out a consumer-level 3D camcorder as early as next week. 'Course, this is a company that already has a built-to-order 3D camcorder available to those with just over 20 large in need of a new home, and with the 3D push happening at a breakneck pace, it was just a matter of time before one of the big boys came along and served up an option for the Average Joe / Jane. Specifics on the device -- which will be "shown at a Tokyo news conference scheduled for July 28" -- are few and far between, but we're hearing that it'll be "about the same size as a conventional consumer-use camcorder," will integrate a pair of lenses (like so) in the front and will ring up at "far less" than professional models.

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