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Spec Ops: The Line beta invites 'going out to a small number of applicants'

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If you followed our advice and applied to be a part of the Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer beta, you just may be finding an invitation in your inbox sometime soon. Joystiq reader Reece got his earlier this week and sent over some images of the sign-up process. 2K Games confirms, "This is correct, beta invites for Spec Ops: The Line are going out to a small number of applicants. We'll be allowing more people into the private beta in the coming weeks."

Unfortunately, 2K also confirmed with Joystiq that this beta is "Xbox 360 only" – for you PC and PS3 gamers, consider it karmic payback for all that early access on Medal of Honor you've been enjoying while Xbox owners sat idly by. Anyone in on the beta? Sound off in the comments below or, heck, send us an email.

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