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AT&T readies new calling plans for July 25, nothing changing at the core

Darren Murph

Well, well -- what have we here? It looks as if AT&T is fixing to rebundle its wireless plans starting on July 25th, obviously with intent to push those newly created data packs onto folks who may otherwise be inclined to pass right over. Furthermore, these new plans encourage users to select unlimited messaging, which -- as everyone and their third cousin knows -- is highway robbery. But then again, it's not like you're about to kick your texting habit, so you might as well pony up. So far as we can tell, the actual value propositions aren't changing (for example, a single user Nation Plan with 450 minutes, unlimited messaging and a 2GB Data Pro plan will cost you $84.99 either way), but it's clear that AT&T's aiming to narrow its offerings. The only real question revolves around the packages that include "pay-per-use" messaging -- will the carrier let users add smaller messaging plans, or just force us all to go unlimited or PPU? The 25th is right around the corner, so we ought to know for certain soon enough.

Update: We've scooped the family plans as well. We've also confirmed that nothing at all should be changing (you can still add select messaging plans to PPU options) in terms of pricing -- it's mostly just reshuffling the furniture, if you know what we mean.

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