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BioWare confirms space combat for Star Wars: The Old Republic

BioWare's community managers have confirmed that The Old Republic will allow players to engage in space combat, which -- well of course it will. What did you think, that BioWare would announce during E3 that players would have their own spaceships for housing purposes, and that those spaceships would stay permanently on the ground? Are we to believe that the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic is just one big trailer park, with people living out of their dormant A-Wings and TIE fighters, soft mounds of Space-Skoal tucked into their alien oral cavities?

Fan site Mos Eisley Radio reported the rumor of space combat first during Comic-Con, which BioWare quickly confirmed in a forum thread. Originally, the announcement was to come when community members had reached a certain social networking outreach goal -- which they didn't. Don't worry, though: Even if BioWare had decided to withhold that info as a punishment for their failure to adequately spread the word, we could have told everyone that, yes, spaceships fly.

Details are slim now, but BioWare says further info on the mechanics of space combat will surface in the October issue of PC Gamer magazine.

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