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inFamous 2's Cole getting a retro makeover

Though our brief time with inFamous 2 at E3 last month was both savory and delicious, we were perplexed by protagonist Cole McGrath's apparent new super power: The ability to, well, shift his shape. The raven-haired, tattooed punk who we zapped around the city with didn't resemble the balding bike messenger we came to know and love from the original inFamous. Now IGN reports that Cole's style is changing yet again -- this time, though, he'll closer resemble his old, less hirsute self.

Developer Sucker Punch reportedly informed IGN of the changes with a pair of concept renders which the site wasn't at liberty to describe. We've contacted the developer as well, and hope they'll be able to confirm our suspicion that Cole has doffed his jacket because it's so super hot in Fake New Orleans.

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