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The look of free: iPhone 4 cases offered by Apple


As noted earlier this morning, Apple's Bumper refund & free case program is underway for the iPhone 4. While everyone knows the look of the Bumper (and the cheap ways to make your own), the third-party cases included in the program may be less familiar. Below, a gallery to fill you in.

It's worth noting that although you can get yourself a free Snap Case, Shield Micra, Motif, Reveal Etch, Fitted or PixelSkin HD case from Apple, the company will not be refunding previous purchases of any third-party cases; you can only get your money back on a Bumper.

If you haven't chimed in yet, please do take our poll about which case you think is the yummiest.

Case order now fixed in the gallery.

Gallery: iPhone 4 free case options | 6 Photos

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