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TUAW Braintrust: Choosing an iPhone 4 case


The iPhone 4 bumper/case program has finally launched via Apple's new Case Program application. Now it's decision time. Which case do you choose? If you're like me, you haven't really tested out a lot of these options in real life.

I've used the Bumper for the past few weeks and can recommend it. It is pretty minimal and unobtrusive, but is a bit of pain to keep putting on and taking off in order to work with my old dock. It has a good reputation in crash tests and I do like the way that the bumper offers physical extensions to the built-in buttons -- but it's not my iPhone 4 in question here, it's yours.

So let's turn this matter over to the TUAW braintrust. Tell us which of the cases on offer is best, in your opinion, and why? Can you recommend any of these choices as a better option over the bumper? If so, how does that case excel in day-to-day use? Let us know in this handy poll and don't forget to add your thoughts in the comments for this post.


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