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Irrational Games event on August 11th in NYC, game reveal probable

We don't know much about "Project Icarus," the still-codenamed and much-anticipated new game from Irrational Games, the Boston-based dev behind BioShock. While BioShock 2 has come and gone out of spinoff 2K Marin, and we've already gotten our hands on 2K Marin's followup, XCOM, we still don't have a shred of information on what Irrational's been working on over the last three years.

That's all likely to change on August 11th when Ken Levine and company are holding an event in New York City. We received the above invitation today and, while it's short on details, it promises that "details and formal email invitations" will be arriving shortly. Until then, peruse the above image for any hidden secrets it might hold. New York City, is that a clue? August 11th? That's the 223rd day of the year but what does it mean? It's Hulk Hogan's birthday ... are you seeing what we're seeing? It all makes sense now!

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