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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions' other costumes revealed

You didn't think that Peter Parker's wardrobe would only contain four outfits in his upcoming outing, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, did you? No, no sir. Revealed during Marvel's Comic-Con panel were a handful of new costumes that will be unlockable in-game -- a few of which will be instantly unlockable as pre-order bonuses from select retailers:
  • Scarlet Spider (unlock code included with Kmart pre-order)
  • Negative Zone Spider-Man (unlock code included with Best Buy pre-order)
  • Spider-Armor (pictured)
  • Mangaverse Spider-Man
Additionally, the previously revealed GameStop-exclusive Cosmic costume (which includes variants for each dimension) and the Iron Spider-Man suit featured in the 2099 universe (and immediately unlockable with an Amazon pre-order) were also shown at the panel. It's as yet unclear if the newly announced costumes will be tied to certain dimensions within the game or wearable throughout, like the Cosmic getup.

[Update: Clarified details about the nature of the pre-order bonuses and previously announced costumes.]

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