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DC Universe Online preventing the apocalypse Nov. 2

Yesterday's DC Universe Online-centric Comic-Con panel included a whole cornucopia of surprises for attendees (and potential subscribers). For instance, TV and film star Mark Hamill was there, talking about his role as the nefarious, wide-grinned Joker. Also, everyone in the audience got beta keys, which seemed to please them to no end. Also, it was announced the game wouldn't require a PSN+ subscription to play on the PS3 on top of the standard MMO subscription fee, which was also met with rousing applause.

The biggest surprise came from comic writer Jim Lee, who announced that the game would drop on November 2. Sure, we knew it would come at some point during the 11th month, but not two days into it. Why, that's practically late October, if you really think about it.

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