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MAG's Sabotage gametype goes 'Faction Neutral'

Let's face it -- some of MAG's factions know how to build strongholds better than others. Many of the game's players have argued that the layouts of Valor, Raven and S.V.E.R.'s respective maps in the "Sabotage" gametype have given distinct advantages to ... well, whichever faction they don't belong to, most likely. Now, that argument has been rendered pointless -- Zipper Interactive recently made all three maps for the gametype "Faction Neutral."

So, what does that mean? Well, the map which two teams are playing on will no longer determine who is attacking and defending. Zipper community manager Jeremy Dunham explained, "if you choose to play Sabotage and you're on Valor, you'll be able to defend SVER and Raven's map in addition to your own. On the flipside, you'll also be able to attack you're own map with another PMC defending it." But ... that's treason, isn't it? We're pretty sure that's light treason.

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