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The Swan Station's Apple-II Plus and other Lost gadgets on the auction block this month

Ross Miller

We don't want to spoil anything, but ABC's Lost is over and done with -- sorry, but it's really time to move on. Still can't let go? Apologize to your pocketbook and book a ticket to Santa Monica for the end of August for the official show auction. Literally hundreds of outfits and props are being sold off, including numerous gadgets from its six-year-run. Naomi's Iridium 9500 satellite phone with a then-futuristic UI? Suggested starting price is between $200 and $300. Brainwashing LED goggles? Also up for grabs -- although not functioning. Our favorite item has to be the Swan Station computer used to type the Numbers every 108 minutes, an Apple-II Plus system with an Apple III monitor, apparently re-used later for scenes in the Pearl Station. That'll set you back at least $1,000, but we'd be surprised if that price didn't skyrocket. We've gone ahead and made a gallery of the gadgets, but feel free to hit up the source if you want to see what else is going on sale. Not in the auction: the identity of those who shot at the canoe in Season 5's "The Little Prince." Seriously, would it have been so hard to tie that in somewhere? Sigh.

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