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Nikkei: Sony enters the black in fiscal Q1, game division turns a profit


According to a report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei (translated by Andriasang), Sony will be reporting its fiscal 2011 first quarter results (April 1 through June 30) in the coming days, posting an operating profit somewhere between 10 billion ($114.63 million) and 30 billion yen ($343.89 million). Among the factors contributing to Sony's reported profits was the games division, apparently achieving as much through "cost-cutting measures."

If this report is accurate, the company will be improving year-over-year profits by anywhere from $382.63 to $611.89 million -- not to mention enjoying a rare, profitable quarter for the gaming division. Sony refused to comment on the report, and the company's official release and conference call won't take place until this coming Thursday.

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