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Apple introduces the Magic Trackpad


Today, Apple released the Magic Trackpad, calling it "...a multi-touch Bluetooth trackpad meant to work with your desktop computer." It certainly resembles an oversized MacBook Pro trackpad (in fact, it's 80% larger) perched atop the same battery case that's on Apple's Bluetooth keyboards. In fact, it sits at the same height and angle as the keyboard, so you can move back and forth easily.

When paired with an Apple desktop, it offers the same multi-touch gestures that laptop owners enjoy. Use it to swipe, pinch and scroll. Inertial scrolling on the Magic Trackpad reacts to the pressure and speed you use.

The surface is made of wear-resistant glass and, get this: the entire thing is also a giant button, so click away as you would with a mouse.

We first saw a trademark filing for the name back in February and FCC approval in July. Back in June, a leaked photo of what we were then calling the "Magic Slate" appeared, and many wondered if it would be revealed at WWDC '10. The Magic Trackpad is available now for US$69.

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