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Blizzard details StarCraft 2 bugs, workarounds and hardware issues


We can't imagine why you'd be taking a break from StarCraft 2 right about now but, regardless, you've chosen quite the appropriate post to read while resting. Activision-Blizzard has revealed some of the discovered bugs and issues hassling the game, the majority of which seem to be sound related. There are also some problems with the game crashing on Windows 7 (maybe that's why you're taking that break).

If you're one of those people trying to download StarCraft 2 through, you may want to prime yourself with the thread on hardware configurations below. We know, it's all a lot to digest, but keep in mind this is StarCraft 2 we're talking about -- AKA the most important thing ever. We'd hate for you to finally boot up your game after all these years of waiting only to run into a fatal error.

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