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Cincinnati Bell rolls out multi-room DVR that can pause live TV

Ben Drawbaugh

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Yep, believe it or not when a cable company deploys a multi-room DVR in 2010 that can pause live TV at every TV in the house, it is news. Sure you might've been doing this with TiVo or Windows Media Center for the last five years or so, but the poor sap with the free cell phone equivalent of a DVR from their cable company is just happy to not have their recordings tied to one TV. We give Motorola a hard time about this but honestly it is just catering to businesses that just do enough to keep their customers from revolting and not a thing more. Of course the real sad news is that the headline says Cincinnati Bell instead of a provider that actually has a decent size footprint. No doubt this'll be enough to warrant a comment to the FCC by the NCTA about how cable providers around the country are innovating. Just awesome.

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