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DISH Network's DTVPal DVR bites the dust after a short, troubled life


It's only a few days shy of 13 months since we released our mixed review of DISH Network's DTVPal DVR, and yet Zatz Not Funny reports that DISH will no longer offer the niche recorder. While it's not particularly shocking news given the device's performance issues and befuddling connection to the satellite provider, it does imply that finding an affordable, modern, and subscription-free solution for over-the-air recording will soon go the way of the dodo. So all issues aside, if you're in need of a ATSC dual-tuning HD recorder with 250 GB of space for $250, we'd suggest you snag one of the dwindling units available online before it's too late (or, as CNET notes, keep an eye out for its Channel Master CM-7000PAL doppelganger.) Otherwise, be prepared to either upgrade to the pricier world of full-fledged DVRs, or more unthinkably, dust off the VCR sitting in your attic. If you do choose the latter option though, for the love of humanity do not allow those taped episodes of Dragon Ball Z to ever see the light of day.

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