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iPad plate serves up pure geek deliciousness


Japanese blogger Shiinaneko has found a new use for his iPad -- a substitute for your typical dinner plate.

It's actually quite simple. Grab any one of the number of protective films that's out there for the iPad, place it on your device, study the dinner menu, find an appropriate plate for your meal through a Google image search, then plop the food on your iPad. Shiinaneko dubbed this the iDish, and showed off a variety of dishes using his iPad as a plate. He experimented with everything from sushi to curry.

However, this is not an experiment you may not want to repeat with your own iPad. Shiinaneko reports that following his endeavours that his iPad was pretty filthy despite the film and smelled fishy. Because he tried eating curry from the flat surface, he wasn't able to scoop up the liquid, and eating from an electronic platter left a rather nasty taste in his mouth.

[Via CrunchGear]

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