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NYC play 'The Dudleys' features chiptune music and 8-bit art


New York City playwright Leegrid Stevens, working with the Theater for New City and manager Danielle Karliner, will debut a new play titled "The Dudleys!" this August at the Joyce and Seward Johnson Theater. "What in the world does this have to do with games?" you may be asking your computer. First and foremost, it's straight up weird that you're speaking to a computer. More importantly, though, "The Dudleys" is a play about the thoughts and memories of a young man, conveyed through "a malfunctioning 8-bit video game." You see the connection now?

Apparently, the play will feature chiptune music created on Ataris, GameBoys, and Commodore 64s, and 8-bit art will back up the actors. More specifically, the play aims to juxtapose "the two dimensional side-scrolling world of fun and happy endings up against the confusion and aimlessness of real life." Well then! If you're interested in snagging tickets, they're available online for $15.

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