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Sharp's Brain PW-AC10 e-dictionary attempts to fool you with its phoney looks


We've seen Sharp e-dictionaries aplenty here, but with the exception of a couple of models, that same ol' clamshell form factor's bound to send you to snoozefest sooner or later. To keep the Japanese bookworms interested, Sharp's latest offering -- dubbed the Brain PW-AC10 -- has packaged itself in a BlackBerry-esque candybar, which it claims makes it the industry's lightest e-dictionary while carrying two AAA batteries that keep it going for 110 hours. You'll obviously have to make do with a shrunken color LCD (2.4-inch QVGA) and keyboard, but the device still packs the usual English-Japanese translator, flashcard feature, and a seven-language traveling phrase book (with color images). ¥13,000 ($149) and it's yours early next month.

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