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Space Quest pack for $10 on GoG


Think about how much it would cost you to embark on a quest into space. First, you've gotta build a ship (or, at the very least, secure the services of one Billy Bob Thornton). Then you have to fill, like, 80 baggies or so with Cheerios, probably pack a juice box or seven and get yourself a space suit. It's not cheap.

That's why we'd like to bring the latest deal from digital distribution hub,, to your attention. The Space Quest 1 + 2 + 3 pack -- a bundle of classic Sierra adventures Space Quest, Space Quest 2 and Space Quest 3 -- is now available for $10.
Look, we're not trying to force you to buy this game bundle or anything, but you should really buy this game bundle.

Seriously, do you know how much of Billy Bob Thornton's time $10 will get you? Maybe day at most if he doesn't really have much to do and doesn't mind hanging out. Oh, and these games won't get all drunk and break stuff either.

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