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FIFA 11 for Wii to include street soccer mode


Those planning on signing up for the Wii version of EA's FIFA 11 will find an exclusive game mode in the package: street soccer. It takes players to the streets of major cities around the world for less official games of footy, in places like Brazil, France and London. The mode will allow players to "use the wall to jump past defenders or bank passes to teammates" and select from a set of different match types, like First to Score, Tug of War and Timed games.

Not only that, but there will be a host of modifiers to choose from -- things like elevated nets, wall goals and even shrunken nets -- to mix things up further. Players can also select a specific arcade mode within street soccer, which adds a power meter that can be used to "blast shots, ignite a speed burst or send shockwaves over your opponents." It kinda sounds a lot like FIFA Jam, to be honest.

FIFA 11 launches on the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 4. Feel free to breakaway into our gallery below for some new screens, fresh off the bench.

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