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Modu's T-Phone captured in the wild chilling with Android? (video)

Tim Stevens

Look everyone, it's the littlest handset come to deliver Android cheer. Last month we got word that Modu was working on a touchscreen device dubbed the T-Phone, featuring full 3G and microSD expansion, also referred to as the Modu 2. Now we have video of what looks to be the same phone out in the wild, running an early version of Android (possibly 1.6) and looking rather fit next to an iPhone and an HTC G2. Curiously, this is said to be lacking 3G data entirely, only pulling data over WiFi, but we have to think that's just an issue with this prototype and not something that will be a feature of the retail release. It also sports FM tuning and, curiously, a stylus -- resistive ahoy? We'll have to wait and see.

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