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Metroid: Other M's cutscenes compiled into two-hour movie in 'theater mode'

Do you feel like living through a full-fledged Metroid experience, but can't be bothered to do all that item-hunting? No, you couldn't care less about those stray E-Tanks and absent missile expansions -- you care about the deep, rich lore of Samus' Zebesian struggle. Metroid: Other M will contain a menu option suited to your bizarre desires: Theater mode, which compiles the game's cutscenes into a streamlined, two-hour, non-interactive story.

The series' godfather, Yoshio Sakamoto, explained to 1UP that the mode, which unlocks after completing the game, would allow returning players to soak in all the dialogue and events of the story without having to replay the whole thing over again. Why, that sounds a heck of a lot like the full-length Shenmue movie which accompanied the game's sequel. Only -- and this is just a wild assumption, mind you -- we think Metroid: Other M: The Movie will have way, way fewer sailors.

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