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Sony Studio Liverpool staffing up for new project, probably not Wipeout


Despite having culled its workforce earlier this year, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Studio Liverpool -- which has historically produced the Wipeout franchise and is bunked up with former Evolution Studios (MotorStorm) staff -- is hiring once again. In this case, it's looking for a senior designer to pitch in on a yet-unannounced title. One that, from the want ad, sure sounds like a third- or first-person (or both) action game. Last we checked, neither Wipeout nor MotorStorm would fall under that heading.

The job posting calls for an individual who has "shipped at least one successful action game" and possesses an "encyclopaedic knowledge of games, especially 3rd / 1st person action." The studio also desires that its ideal candidate be an "enthusiastic, confident, positive personality," which pretty much rules out any of us for the position, though we probably never had a chance and couldn't care less.

There's no specific platform experience mentioned in the listing, so the target platform for whatever the title is could be PS3, PSP, PS4, PSP2 or jump right to the PS5 (although it's probably 99.99 percent for one or both of the first two). We'll let you know when we learn more.

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