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Updates to Cataclysm models, Malfurion Stormrage

Anne Stickney

As of the latest patch to the Cataclysm beta servers some models are seeing more updates, including Malfurion Stormrage, pictured above. Either spending too much time in the Emerald Dream has some seriously adverse effects or ingesting too much morrowgrain causes some really weird biological errors, but Stormrage is now sporting a brand new pair of wings, some serious tattoos or tribal markings, and is now pittypatting around on little bear feet. Check out MMO-Champion for the other new models, including a revamped Twilight Ascendant and what is possibly the new goblin mount, as well as preview shots of the new dungeon sets for casters.

As for Malfurion Storkmrage and his new model, all I can say is that I am sincerely hoping we see him get into a fistfight with Varian Wrynn.

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