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Nissan's Forest AC air conditioner will megadose on Vitamin C, moisturize your skin

Sean Hollister

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Believe it or not, grapeseed polyphenol filters and plasmacluster ions aren't just off-the-shelf snake oil plug-ins for your auto's 12V socket -- they're par for the course in Nissan's Fuga hybrid. So when the Japanese automaker says its future cars will pump Vitamin C into the air to help hydrate human flesh, well -- we take the company at its word. Also on the docket: chairs with seat warmers and folding leg rests, and speedometers that will happily remind you of your impending wedding anniversary as you barrel down the highway. "We want drivers to feel that they are healthier staying in the car instead of on the outside," a Nissan engineer told AFP. We think that says it all, folks.

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