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2K Sports dishes on NBA 2K11's 'Jordan Challenge'


"It was tough to narrow down the list to just ten, but we wanted to pick games and moments that were career-defining and that translated well to replicating through a video game," explained 2K marketing director SportsChris Snyder of NBA 2K11's new "Jordan Challenge" mode -- a series of recreations of some of Michael Jordan's most famous moments on the hardwood.

As the cover athlete, Jordan has been involved with the game's development to some extent. "Michael has been great with feedback," Snyder told us. "When he talks we are definitely all ears." While Jordan did not personally assemble the list of games featured in the Jordan Challenge, "he also didn't shut it down when we sent it in for approval," Snyder said. "So I like to think we picked a good list."

When asked whether Jordan's famous teammates, such as Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman, would be included in the game, Snyder promised, "fans will be pleased with who they see on the court." Outside of the Jordan Challenge mode, players can use the "Classic Bulls team," which 2K confirmed would be selectable right from the beginning. (Snyder couldn't say whether players would be able to use this team online.)

Finally, for those of you lamenting the absence of perhaps Jordan's greatest basketball accomplishment -- defeating the Monstars in the epic Space Jam showdown -- Snyder offers this: "Bugs Bunny's price was too high." We guess the price of carrots must be on the rise.

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